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Musical Director

Raf Van Looveren

Raf Van LooverenRaf Van Looveren was born in Wilrijk in 1979 and began his musical career at the Antwerp Municipal Music Academy. At the age of 10 he started taking cornet lessons with Arthur Verhoeft. He went on studying music at the renowned Lemmens Institute in Leuven, first at secondary school level, then continuing at the conservatoire. He graduated with a degree for cornet in 2000 and for percussion in 2001. After several specialization courses he completed his cornet studies with the highest possible marks in 2003.

Currently he is playing the cornet with the Wind Band of the Guides, a world-renowned Belgian army band. Recently he has also started lecturing the cornet at the Lemmens Institute. In his spare time he is the principal cornet for Brass Band Willebroek, and he has regularly performed with bands from such countries as Britain, the Netherlands and Norway.

Raf has participated in a large number of solo contests and won numerous regional and national titles, such as the Axion Classics competition for cornet in 1996 and for percussion in 1997. In that same year he was awarded the Bullock Memorial Fund grant by the International Trumpet Guild. In 1998 Raf became solo champion in 9 th Swiss Open Brass Band Contest. In 2004 he topped even this achievement by winning the European Solo Champion title in Glasgow and the Best Soloist prize in the British Open.

In November 2006 Raf led his first practice session with Brass Band Kempenzonen from Tielen.



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