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Brassband Kempenzonen...

Brass Band Kempenzonen is a youthful and active orchestra, counting about 60 playing members. This ‘double-sized’ brass band forms the core of our banding community.

Brassband Kempenzonen

In Raf Van Looveren the Kempenzonen have found a conductor who can make the band play at a high musical level. Central in the annual programme are the February concerts, taking the audience (about 600 strong each year) on a journey through the brass band repertoire. We aim at offering every audience member an agreeable evening. Classic and modern, light and serious. All styles of music are part of the evening.

Since Raf started conducting, we regularly take part in contests. In 2009 we returned from the World Music Contest in Kerkrade with the title of vice world champion in third section. In 2010 we entered for the Flemish Open Brass Band Championships in Mechelen, taking home the title in the D-section.

On average our members are 24 years old. This makes us into a remarkably youthful band. Moreover there is a great atmosphere that has a positive effect on everything going on in the band.



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