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Marc Nuyts

Marc NuytsMarc Nuyts was born on 18th July 1957 and grew up in a family that has always been closely involved with the Kempenzonen. In 1968 a large-scale recruitment campaign was to bring the waning number bandsmen back to level. It proved a big success and at this moment Marc joined the band as a brass player, first on ‘piston’, later on trumpet and cornet. In 1978 lung problems put an end to his brass playing career, but his loyalty to the band inspired him to convert to percussion and soon he became our band’s regular timpanist, playing the bass drum when on the march.

In 1981 the Tielen Percussion Ensemble was launched. Marc was a loyal and passionate member from the very start until the ensemble became non-active.

In order to develop his technical skills, he decided in 1995 to take percussion classes at the Municipal Music Academy in Herentals. An additional but compulsory theoretical course whetted his appetite for classical music and composition, and he continued his musical education with musical history and a composition course.

When the Kempenzonen started looking for a suitable conductor to lead the newly launched DrumTeam Marc was a very logical choice. In this new capacity he has ample opportunity to hone his conducting skills, building on the musical stock-in-trade developed over the years under the guidance of such mentors as Masters Theeuws and Neefs, Eddy Avonds, George Moreau, Erwin Pallemans, Jan Van Hove, Raf Van Looveren, Rudy van der Veken en Jan Moons.

Marc’s strong attachment to the Kempenzonen inspired him to write a book on the occasion of the band’s 120 th anniversary in 1998. Leaving aside a few interruptions he has been a member of the steering committee since 1980, the year in which he started to lead our very first youth band steering committee. In February 2007 Marc succeeded Joris Theeuws as the new chairman of Brass Band Kempenzonen.



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