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Drum Band

The Kempenzonen DrumTeam…
an adult drum corps

In mid 2005 the band decided to revive the drum corps of the past. To ensure a stable group this new ensemble was specifically aimed at adult members. A few well-directed press announcements and, more importantly, word-of-mouth resulted in 25 candidates: 23 ladies and 2 gentlemen.

Drumteam Kempenzonen

Practice and co-ordination

On Friday 4th November 2005 these percussionists-to-be gathered for the first time and exactly one week later practice sessions started. These are led by Marc Nuyts, seconded by Greet Leys. Barring the summer months, there is a practice session every Friday evening from 8 to 9.30, with an ‘official’ session every fortnight and ‘catching-up’ practice in the weeks in between. Quite regularly there is marching practice with the indispensable assistance of Raf Pauwels (drum-major) and Maurice Lambrechts (marching instructor.


From the start the main objective was lending extra cachet to the band’s marching activities. Since the first public performance at the 2006 first-of-May celebration, the wonderful interaction between DrumTeam and Brassband has regularly provided some stylish musical animation in Tielen’s streets. Next to the marching activities, various concert-format contributions ensure an agreeable practice intensity. Thus the marching repertoire is supplemented with small concert pieces in various styles. And our percussion ensemble does not hesitate to exchange their drums for less conventional instruments such as buckets, barrels and body-music.

The Kempenzonen feeling

With the present formation of 22 snare drums, 8 tenor drums and 1 bass drum, and an average age of about 45, dynamic energy, friendship and enthusiasm are the DrumTeam’s main characteristics. The DrumTeam members have integrated very smoothly into our musical community, and their marked commitment at band events and other activities has become a most valuable trump for the Kempenzonen. Given the exceptional dedication displayed, the future of this group looks very bright indeed and the DrumTeam most certainly is a fantastic addition to Tielen’s banding community.



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