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Junior Band

Jeugdbrassband Kempenzonen (JBBK)

Recruitment activities in the late 70’s brought about a veritable host of young band members. Therefore Eddy Avonds decided to create a youth band with these new recruits. Sonore was born!

In the mid 80’s Tielen’s youth brass band was very successful in the music world, with top performances at the renowned European Music Festival for Youngsters in Neerpelt and the National Belgian Brass Band Championships in Brussels, and the champion’s title at the Rostocker Sommerfestage in the former German Democratic Republic. In 2006 Sonore was the first ever Belgian youth orchestra to win this prestigious competition!

Several concert tours abroad and numerous concert performances in Belgium filled the youth band’s agenda. In the late 80’s the band was reconverted to a ‘Training band’, finally to become the present day Youth Brass Band Kempenzonen (JBBK) in 1994.

Despite the changes of name, the goals and ideals have remained unchanged throughout the years: developing the musical talents of local youngsters in a pleasant and instructive way. Of course the Youth Brass Band prepares for membership of the senior band, but it is also a full-fledged musical ensemble in its own right, aimed at making music at the highest possible level. The members of Youth Brass Band Kempenzonen have every reason to be proud of the results achieved at the European Music Festival in Neerpelt, where they have been awarded multiple First Prizes. But also elsewhere the youth band’s performances, led by Wim Lauryssen, are ‘music to the ears’!

Music comes first, but our Youth Brass Band is also aiming to be a ‘youth club’! An entertaining activity is provided for every school holiday period, and the last week of August is reserved for the annual Music Camp: loads of fun guaranteed, next to a lot of music.

Eager to found out more? Come and take a look during one of our concerts!



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